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Sencity headquarter:

Sencity Corp, 29 Norman Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

Our journey

Sencity aims to revive as well as evolve the urban culture: to design human-centred engaging experiences through technology, empathy and creativity.

As design thinkers, we believe in the mantra of crafting friction-less and joyful human interactions for the public. As humans, we also believe in building a sustainable world for the future generations.

In 2016, the United Nations reported that more than half the global population of approximately 7 billion people were living in cities, and this figure continues to grow. The increasing human density in urban areas has resulted in more frequent use of public urban services and products and more interactions with urban infrastructure. 

Sencity's multidisciplinary team works hard to alleviate the issues of mass global urbanisation, reinforcing the important role of embedded technologies and intelligent infrastructure in shaping our lives in cities of the future.