TetraBIN is the first of its kind, an AI and IoT enabled interactive receptacle. TetraBIN, refashions the trash cans and traditional information kioks as an interactive receptacle that encourages positive behavioral shifts and brings joy to the everyday necessity of waste disposal. 

TetraBIN provides cities and local businesses the capability to not only engage citizens, but also to create income opportunities and to democratize waste disposal burdens. Focused on inspiring people to do good and to have fun in the little things, Sencity is changing the way we think about urban responsibility and imbuing city life with moments of joy.

During one of their deployments for a behavioral research study, when the experience of rubbish disposal was augmented with persuasive technologies, the trivial activity of putting a piece of rubbish into the bin now has a meaning - you need to act and put the pieces of rubbish into the bin at the right time to be able to advance in the mixed realities. This had led to the rethinking and awareness of environmental sustainability issues.

TetraBIN also alerts receptacle owners of its fill levels, collects usage data whilst also allowing customizable content to be shown on custom-made immersive LED screens via Sencity's online management portal.

To request information for investors and partners please contact steven@sencity.city. For press information or photos of the 2017 model, please Email social@sencity.city

Legacy TetraBIN system: www.tetrabin.com