Great design is in our DNA.

We are a growing design-driven team of creatives, techies, and urban experts. Our unique cross-cultural and interdisciplinary backgrounds shape our vision and approach to build experiences and products for different cultures, demographics and markets. 

Reimagining city interfaces enables us to create engaging experiences to not only entertain but also inspire the intrinsic goodness within ourselves. We believe that these connected city interfaces and public furniture will become the next paradigms of value creation - and they can also help make our cities more joyful and livable. In helping to fulfil this vision, we are excited to have industry leaders and partners like BMW, SOSV and Urban-X on our Board of Advisors. 

If you are interested in joining us to build products that empower people to do good, rethink urban responsibility, imbuing mundane often-forgotten interactions with delightful moments, shoot us an email at