We have been blown away by the support of friends and strangers alike in New York City as we build our new interactive urban experience design startup, Sencity. In partnership with the amazing folks at Urban-X, we have been recalibrating our ideas on what it means and what it takes to transform urban infrastructure and bring delight to the city experience of the future. Thursday was Launch Day and the team has been excited and grateful for the opportunity to meet with investors, industry thought leaders, and media.

While our work has been featured positively on the prominent global platforms, we finally received our first meh op-ed in The Atlantic today. Steven, Ivan, and I read with a lump in our throats over a quickly chilly ramen dinner. Yikes, but this is part and parcel of the life lessons when building a startup with aspirations to change the world through the intersections of art, design, and technology. 


NYC is in a unique position to rehabilitate its urban infrastructure in a time of dramatic tech advances. The city is old and new - historical and progressive at once. We are thrilled to join in this transformational dialogue as futurists and innovators. Our vision is simple: Sustainability and joy. Make the streets cleaner and more joyful, raise public consciousness of the environment, and more importantly, reduce taxpayer burdens in sanitation so that a city’s financial resources can go to other pressing needs.

If we are to be honest to ourselves, it is that maybe we are too naïve in trying for so much. But we also like that the TetraBin is honest to a fault, and that our innovation here predicates on our belief in the very best of people – that we could leverage the convergence of play and technology to create a community around not just cleaner and more lively cities – but also constantly novel and joyful urban experiences.

Author: Jeremy @ Sencity