Author: Jade

The team dynamic in Sencity is different compared to other startup companies I have worked with. This is because the co-founders, Steven and Ivan, put a significant emphasis in team building. For this purpose, Friday nights became the dedicated time for team building activities. Each week was a different journey. Each activity chosen was a team consensus. Each moment spent, our bond grew stronger.

Choosing the team activity was the first sign of team building as we were forced to decide together. For our first outing, we were torn between Escape the Room and Bowling. After discussion, we came to a consensus: We chose Escape the Room not only because majority have not tried it but also there was uncertainty with bowling due to age limit. For those of you who are not familiar with this activity, Escape the Room is a fun, interactive game that requires participants to solve a mystery puzzle. While the room looks ordinary, it contains hidden objects and clues throughout to earn your freedom within 60 minutes; hence, “Escape the Room.”

If there ever is a doubt about choosing Escape the room, I say fear not. This activity really forces the players to work together under pressure. It was an opportunity to get a glimpse of how each person thinks. The fact that it is a game allows for some casualness unlike the office environment. Casualness was essential for more authentic human interaction. Our team while focused on solving the puzzle made some jokes along the way. Escape the Room allowed us to escape the shell of excessive formality. Since that day, we have shared more laughter.

A strong team dynamic is important for the success of a start-up as every decision made affects each person in the team. As Steven puts it, a strong effective team increases productivity of a small company. In this company particularly, team outing lead to a stronger effective team. A strong team bond naturally forces one to bring forth their best fruits. This perhaps is one of the most profound professional lesson I have learned. The bond I have for this team made long hours of work worth it.

Much Love,
Jade Ardinez xoxo